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The Hubble Space Telescope filmed “one of the largest and most complete Einstein rings known in the universe.”

According to the ScienceNews website, GAL-CLUS-022058, provided by the January constellation, is nicknamed “Molten Ring” due to its shape, and the ring 2 galaxies are about 4 billion light-years from each other. .

The image is said to have been created by the gravitational pull of the earlier oval galaxy.

According to astronomers studying the Hubble data, “the unusual shape of this object, first proposed in Einstein’s (theoretical physicist Albert) theory of general relativity, can be explained by the process of gravitational distortion. Double up with effect ”.

Astronomers say: “Here, the light coming from the screen of the background galaxy is bent by the gravitational pull of the cluster of galaxies in front of it.

The Hubble Space Telescope, developed by NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (SDSL), has been orbiting Earth since 1990.

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