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The Russian lawyer Liubov Sobol, a close ally of the opposition Alexei Navalni, was arrested today for entering the home of an alleged agent of the Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) who participated in the operation of poisoning the leader of the Russian opposition. 

The spokeswoman for the Russian Investigation Committee, Yulia Ivanova, reported that a criminal case had been initiated for breaking and entering, a charge that can carry up to two years in prison. 

Sobol, a lawyer with the Anti-Corruption Fund, has been detained for 48 hours as a suspect, the source added. 

According to the accusation, last Monday Sobol broke into the home by force, pushing the woman who opened the door and recorded her rooms with the help of a mobile phone, Russian agencies report. 

The raid complaint was originally filed by a woman, who, according to the press, is the mother-in-law of Konstantín Kudriavtsev, an FSB chemical expert, whose identity was revealed this week by Navalni. 

The opponent published a video with a telephone conversation in which he supposedly starts a confession to Kudriavtsev, who revealed that the chemical substance used to poison Navalni, Novichok, was sprayed inside one of the opponent’s underpants in a hotel in La Siberian city of Tomsk. 

The FSB issued a statement calling the conversation “false”, which it considered a “provocation” orchestrated in order to “discredit” the security service. 

The telephone conversation took place hours before, on December 14, the digital media Bellingcat, its partners “Der Spiegel” and CNN, together with Navalni, denounced that a group of experts in chemical weapons from the FSB was involved in their poisoning. 

Navalni decided to release the recording only after the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he accuses of personally ordering his assassination. 

In this regard, Russian President Vladimir Putin replied that the US is behind the investigation and, for the first time, justified the fact that the opponent is being watched by the FSB for having the support of the US intelligence services. 

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