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There is no doubt that Among Us was the game of 2020. Although its beginnings date back to 2018, it was only during these months of pandemic that it reached its greatest popularity.

It was so successful that even its creators raised the idea of ​​making a sequel. However, they preferred to cancel the project, to make improvements in the first part.

Although many believed that the above was just an excuse, the truth is that it was not, because from now on you can play Among Us from the Nintendo Switch console , and the best thing about this is that it will not be exclusive to a single platform, but it will be compatible with those who play from PC or Smartphones.

And the surprises for all video game fans continue, because Fortnite in an attempt to win back its followers, announced its new proposal, in a format very similar to Among Us, “The Spy Within” (The Internal Spy).

According to the page specializing in video games and consoles, Engadget, “they will be two players known as spies. Their objective is to eliminate the rest of the players from the match without raising suspicions.

The other eight people who play the game are known as agents. They have to work together to identify the spies, while trying to complete a series of objectives. Things are complicated when the only agents can talk to each other through voice chat when they call a meeting ” , added.


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