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In view of a possible fight next year between British boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury over the decision to unify the world titles in the heavyweight division, the former warned in his statements in the last hours that no he means well when they finally meet in the ring. And he launched a threatening phrase: “I’m going to rip his head off his shoulders when that fight happens.”

The context in which that warning to who could be his next rival arose was particular. Joshua was speaking of his commitment to provide “substantial financial support” to the national amateur boxing federations in his country, Wales and Scotland to help clubs in need of support during the pandemic.

What’s more, Joshua, who defended his IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight world titles by knocking out Kubrat Pulev on the 12th of this month, had given a description of how his local boxing gym in Finchley had saved him from a troublesome path that could have landed him in jail. Yet amid the call for the government to help support grassroots boxing, the fighter once again set his sights on Fury, with a flashback of a training session between them in 2010 at the Finchley Amateur Boxing Club.

Joshua suggested that Fury, the WBC champion, “has known my uppercut since I was 20 years old. Trust me, he knows what’s coming. All he wanted was his Rolex watch, because he said before that training that if I could hit him or knock him out, I could keep his Rolex. And he added: “Really, I didn’t know too much. It was just passion. Now that I have a boxing IQ that matches my passion, it will be a great fight.

After another impressive knockout, Anthony Joshua sets his sights on Tyson Fury Credit: Oliver Weiken / dpa
Days ago, the BBC released an interview with Jury when he was 22 years old, a decade ago. The statements intersect like blows in the ring. Anthony Joshua is red hot. He gave me a great uppercut and if I had a weak chin, I would have been knocked out for a month. I consider myself one of the best heavyweights in the world, but for three rounds he beat me up. My God, an amateur is killing me !, was what I thought, ” said that note, which would confirm that the clock changed ownership in that gym from which Joshua puts pepper in the future new meeting.

“I was hungry then and now I am hungrier. There was a Rolex on sale that time, but now there’s an even bigger pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and I want to take your head off your shoulders when that fight happens. I’m sure I’ll win, “AJ completed, 31 years old and with a record of 24 wins (22 by KO) and one setback in 25 professional fights.

On the amateur boxing crisis, he added: “ I definitely think boxing gyms will go under. Therefore, it is important to keep talking about it. Professional boxing has found a way to survive, but without the amateur system, its grassroots clubs, there are no Olympics and without them, there will be no world champions in the country.

‘Sean Murphy [his former coach] says he probably would have been serving time. I wasn’t a bad kid, but Sean says I had bad people around me. Honestly, if the gym had closed… I remember being fired from the Olympic team in 2011 and I quit boxing. I started going back to my neighborhood, I started smoking again… Sean called my mom and asked her where she was and to bring me back to the gym. This shows how important it is not only to have the gyms open, but also to have access to people of an older generation who can give a sense of wisdom, belonging and guidance, “he concluded.

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