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The refresh of Apple TV (the set-top box, mind you, not the app) should arrive next year, and could represent a decisive change of course towards the world of video games . Mark Gurman, one of Apple’s top experts who works for Bloomberg, says so . There aren’t many concrete details, but Gurman points out that there will be big news in terms of performance. The design should basically remain the same – which in turn is similar to a … mini Mac Mini , if you like. We have been talking for some time about the arrival of the new hardware, with roughly similar timing; but it is emblematic that even such an authoritative source is unbalanced.

With the advent of Apple Silicon , it is clear that Apple is increasingly willing to have a serious and concrete proposal even in the world of games. However, the set-top box itself becomes a proposal increasingly obsolete as time goes on: we have seen how the app Apple TV , which includes the ability to access the service on-demand video to Apple TV + , arrivals on an increasing number of TVs from manufacturers such as Sony and LG , to name the most recent examples. In short, if the smart TV as a concept is increasingly widespread at the expense of traditional TVs, the set-top box becomes less and less relevant. – a sort of effect similar to what happened with iPods after the advent of iPhones, if you will.

Until now, “traditional” gaming , that of consoles and PCs to understand, has been limited in the Apple world. The Apple ecosystem remains one of the largest video game platforms in the world, but mainly thanks to the App Store and mobile. The Apple Arcade initiative was one of the first indicators of the fact that the company wants to focus even more on this sector, also because due to the global pandemic it is in very strong expansion.

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