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 Australia’s competition agency on Tuesday delayed its decision on Google’s plans to buy fitness tracker maker Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion on Tuesday , despite the European Union already giving conditional approval to the agreement.

Last week, the European Union approved Google’s plan after the US tech giant promised to restrict user data and ensure that Android phones will work with other wearable devices for at least 10 years.

However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Defense Commission (ACCC) said it was not prepared to accept a similar pledge from the Silicon Valley tech giant.

“We are not satisfied that an agreement of this type of long-term validity in such a complex and dynamic industry can be monitored and that the law can be effectively enforced in Australia,” said ACCC President Rod Sims, it’s a statement.

“The ACCC fears that Google’s acquisition of Fitbit could lead to Fitbit’s rivals, in addition to Apple, being pushed out of the market for wearable devices, as they depend on Google’s Android system and others. Google services to keep your devices running efficiently, ”added Sims.

The ACCC will continue its investigation and set March 25 as the date for its decision, Sims said.

Google said in a statement that it was disappointed by the postponement, but that it would continue to collaborate with the ACCC to answer questions from Australian regulators.

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