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After Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijani territories on September 27, Azerbaijan launched a counter operation to save the territories occupied by the Armenian forces.

It was stated that the Azerbaijani army lost 2,823 martyrs in the operation launched to save the territories in Nagorno-Karabakh occupied by Armenia.

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia ended with the victory of Azerbaijan with the triple agreement signed between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on 10 November.

Azerbaijan Defense Ministry made a statement about the soldiers who were martyred in the homeland battle.

In the statement, which stated that 2,823 martyrs were buried until December 28, it was stated that the work was continuing to identify more than 50 of the martyred soldiers, whose identity has not yet been determined.

In the statement, it was stated that activities continue to find more than 30 missing soldiers.

Armenian forces withdrew from Aghdam on 20 November, from Kelbajar on 25 November and from Lachin on 1 December and handed these regions over to Azerbaijan.

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