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A 17 – month girl died last week after a battery of remote control have swallowed television, which burned esophagus, vocal cords and throat, publishes RT .

Last month little Reese Smith, from the city of Lubbock, Texas, began to suffer a bad cough and her mother, Trista, took her to a hospital. The woman suspected that the girl may have swallowed a battery after noticing that the remote control was missing one.

Sadly, the X-ray confirmed her worst fears . After entering Reese’s esophagus, the battery began to generate electricity, causing terrible burns and settled in his airways.

Given her serious condition, the little girl was transferred to the Texas Children’s Hospital, where she underwent several surgeries to remove the battery and try to repair the damage caused . Unfortunately, despite all his efforts, the doctors were unable to save his life, as the battery was lodged in his body for too long.

“We are heartbroken, there is not much more to say now. I tried to find the words for a while. I had to go home today. My mother also came. We are a family without one of its members,” Trista wrote on his account From Facebook.

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