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The moving photograph of a couple of blue or “fairy” penguins was honored by the “Ocean Photography Awards” in the category Community Choice (the one chosen by the community). In addition to the image, the story behind it moved many.  

Its author is the Australian photographer Tobias Baumgaertner and through his social networks and sites specialized in wildlife photography he told the moving story of how he managed to capture this image in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Between not being able to use any lights and the little penguins continually moving around, rubbing their fins on their backs, and cleaning each other, it was really hard to shoot, but I was lucky for a beautiful moment. I hope you enjoy this moment as much as I do, “Tobias wrote.

Netizens chose this photograph, which definitely represented the essence of 2020. 

“I posted this image of these two penguins and it has gone around the globe, it has been seen by millions and I have received thousands of messages and comments of how these two little ones have touched and repaired broken hearts, it brought joy, hope and love to their lives It has become a symbol of union and love. Times are still not easy for many of us, so I repeat what I wrote back then: “At times like this, the truly lucky are those who can be with the person / people you love the most, “said Tobias Baumgaertner, thanking those who voted for him. 

Ocean Photography Awards
The Ocean Photography Awards are held by Oceanographic Magazine and cover conservation, adventure and exploration. The images are a beautiful representative sample of ocean photography. They are organized in collaboration with SeaLegacy, a collective of photographers focused on conserving the oceans. It was founded by National Geographic photographers Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen. SeaLegacy offers a one-year residency to the Collective Portfolio award-winning photographer.

The categories and winners of the contest are: 

Ocean Photographer of the Year: @
Conservation Photographer of the Year: @matt_sharp_photo
Adventure Photographer of the Year: @jason_gulley_science
Scouting Photographer of the Year: @ ben.cranke
Young photographer of the year: @cruzerdmann
Collective Portfolio of the Year: @
Community Choice: @tobiasvisuals

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