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There are no fingerprints of men in the family of Apu Sarker, who lives in a village near Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Apu Sarker’s father and grandfather said he did not have fingerprints due to a rare gene mutation.

It is stated that the gene mutation is seen in very few people in the world.

Bangladesh introduced ID cards based on a fingerprint database for all adults in 2008. It was stated that employees who do not know how to give an ID card to Sarker’s father, Amal Sarker, found a solution by writing ‘There is no fingerprint’ on the card.

In 2010, fingerprinting became mandatory for passports and driving licenses. Stating that he could not get a driver’s license, Amal Sarker told the BBC, “I paid the fee, I passed the exam, but they did not give a license because I could not provide fingerprints.” said.

According to the BBC News report, in 2016, the Bangladesh government obliged to match the fingerprint database to get the sim card. In his speech to the BBC, Apu Sarker said, “When I went to buy the sim, the employees looked confused, their software kept freezing every time I put my finger on the sensor.” said. It was stated that Sarker is currently using the sim card purchased on behalf of his mother.

It was stated that the Bangladesh government issued a new type of identity card to Amal and Apu after receiving a medical certificate. The card was reported to use retina and facial recognition data.

However, it was stated that Apu and Amal could not obtain a sim card or driver’s license, and obtaining a passport was a difficult process.

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