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There are 2 weeks until the 2020 NFL season ends, but it is time to start rating the performances of all the teams and above all, who was the biggest disappointment of the campaign. There are many options, although one of those teams outperforms the others because of how bad it was.

The New York Jets are not on the list.

Yes, many would wonder why one of the worst teams does not count as the biggest disappointment of the 2020 season and the answer is clear, no one expected New Yorkers to go far. Before the campaign started, they already had low expectations.

The franchises that are considered in the nominees to be a disappointment in 2020 are the ones that are officially eliminated from the playoff fight. Like the Jaguars, Texans, Chargers and Falcons, although there are two in particular that occupy the first places of the list.

Last season, they both made the playoffs and the Californians did even better, advanced to the Super Bowl, which they lost to the Chiefs. For the 2020 campaign, they were eliminated in the fight during week 15, 2 days before the end of the regular season.

On the other hand, the Patriots had several complications, but they still had a good team and above all, Bill Belichick was still in command. Injuries, Brady’s departure, and those who dropped out of the season were factors that led to that, but they still could have struggled a bit more.

Who of the two was the biggest disappointment?

The San Francisco 49ers. Kyle Shanahan’s team reached the Super Bowl in 2019 and now he could not even advance to the wild card games of the playoffs, they did have all their players (not like the Patriots who were left without Brady) and it is true that injuries they were a constant, but still they never had a chance to be a contending team.

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