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Comedian Bill Cosby revealed that he has had to suspend his showers in prison as a measure to avoid catching coronavirus, according to the Daily Mail .

“From now on I have refused to shower and have decided to wash myself in my cell. This is the best way to stay safe and sound, ”said the 83-year-old artist.

He commented that his stay in prison is being difficult because a few weeks ago a fire broke out in the same area where he is being held, causing damage that has not yet been repaired.

As a result, both the water, heating, and air conditioning units in several of the cells, including Cosby’s, have been affected by humidity and condensation.

Similarly, due to the pandemic, more restrictive measures have been taken with inmates who were not evicted, for example: Cosby reported that he spends 20 hours a day locked up, and that his two daily 15-minute phone calls were reduced just a 10 minute call.

The celebrity’s spokesman, Andy Wyatt, commented that there was an outbreak of Covid-19 cases in the area where his client is located, so they have carried out daily tests to determine whether or not he may have been infected.

“Many of the inmates are more concerned about Mr. Cosby because of his age, health problems and blindness,” added Wyatt.

Although these situations play against the actor, who received between three and 10 years of sentence in 2018 for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, 47, he remains positive because he is confident that his appeal will be successful. .

Cosby’s attorneys pleaded his case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court earlier this month to try to overturn the conviction and have him released in early 2021

In her verdicts in the case, the Cosby Show star says her interactions with Constand at her home in Pennsylvania 16 years ago were consensual, and that is why she refused to take a course for sex offenders that it is required to get parole.

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