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For MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Bitcoin is not just another financial bubble, but the future of the international financial system.

Once again, Bitcoin is making headlines around the world. And it is that, in the middle of the biggest bullish rally in its history, all the analysts on the planet try to predict where the cryptocurrency is heading. With more and more investors and traditional companies betting heavily on BTC. Which is why MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor comments that Bitcoin is not a bubble, but the future in Tweet of the Day:


That Bitcoin was the future of international finance was always the plan. Thus, since Satoshi Nakamoto designed the cryptocurrency eleven years ago, the intention of it has been to represent an alternative to traditional fiat money. Offering people around the world a decentralized and unmanageable means to carry out their financial and business operations.

However, being something totally innovative (and let’s face it, quite difficult to accept at first), Bitcoin had to carry the stigma of being a purely speculative product for a long time. A belief reinforced by volatility in its price, which can change several hundred dollars in a matter of minutes.

This situation has been changing lately, as more institutional investors begin to see Bitcoin as a long-term investment opportunity. A trend that started in 2020, and driven by the Coronavirus crisis, which generated high levels of uncertainty around fiat money. What is reflected in the tweet of MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor:

“ Money is flowing from conventional assets to #Bitcoin due to the increasing risk of a global currency devaluation, technological disruption, social dislocation and political uncertainty. This is not a ‘rally’ or ‘bubble’ – it is a chain reaction that spreads like wildfire in cyberspace .

Thus, Michael Saylor would be summarizing the feelings of millions of people around the world. Which are beginning to notice that Bitcoin is not a bubble, but the beginning of a new era in world financial history. One with higher levels of decentralization and virtuality.

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