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With Brad Pitt it happens as with good wine, it improves with the years. And not just because now, turning 57 on December 18 , his physical attractiveness remains unquestionable. Brad Pitt has professionally matured as an actor to become a sought-after producer in the mecca of cinema. An entire long-distance career for a young man who was born into a rural Missouri family and surprised everyone when he left his journalism studies unfinished to fulfill his dream of being an actor.

At 23, Brad Pitt left for Los Angeles ready to take on the world. “When I arrived I had just $ 325 in my pocket and zero preparation as an actor,” he has commented on more than one occasion when recalling that time. He got very different jobs to pay for his training: he was a stripe driver, a transporter and even disguised himself as a chicken to promote a chain of restaurants.

His big break in the cinema was with ‘Thelma and Louise’, in 1991, in which he showed his indisputable sex appeal that made Brad Pitt an idol of young women. In 1994 he starred in ‘Legends of Passion’ , a film that mixes adventure, drama and romance.

Then came other very prominent titles such as ‘Seven’ in 1995 starring with Morgan Freeman . Years later, Brad enjoyed another blockbuster, the movie ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ with his friend George Clooney, in 2004.

For the movie ‘Troy’, released in 2004, Brad Pitt had to follow a strict physical preparation. In 2008, the actor surprised everyone by starring in the incredible story of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

With his supporting role in ‘Once upon a time … Hollywood’ in 2019 he got his first Oscar as an actor at the 2020 gala.


A coveted statuette that arrived last February and after four times nominated. Brad Pitt could take his first Oscar for an interpretation, he went to Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood.”

Six years earlier, in 2014, he had already triumphed in these same awards but as a producer by collecting the Oscar for Best Picture for ’12 Years of Slavery ‘.

For this film he was also awarded the same year at the Spirit Awards for independent cinema . He then posed with the film’s leading lady, Lupita Nyongo, and the director, Steve McQueen.

Brad Pitt, always in love
The same passion with which he works on the big screen, the actor has lived in all his romances. Despite being low-key and shy, Brad Pitt has had numerous high-profile relationships.

Tonya Westphalen , a high school classmate, at age 14, was his first girlfriend with whom a very young Brad posed in a party dress. At age 26, he began dating actress Juliette Lewis , ten years younger.

Since 1995 and for two years he had an affair with his first great love, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

In 2016, shortly after parting ways with Angelina Jolie, there was much talk of an affair with actress Marion Cotillard . His last known relationship was with the German model Nicole Poturalski , with whom, after an intense summer, he broke up last October.

Jennifer Aniston, her first ‘yes, I do’
But if there has been a woman who has marked his life, apart from the mother of his children, Angelina Jolie, it is undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston. After two years of romantic relationship, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston said ‘I do’ at a wedding held on July 29, 2000.

After five years of marriage and seven years of relationship, Pitt and Aniston announced their separation and in October 2005 they signed a divorce.

In 2004, a year before parting ways with Aniston, Brad Pitt had shot alongside Angelina Jolie ‘Sr. and Mrs. Smith ‘ . The chemistry between them was so evident that no one was surprised that there was more than a professional relationship. They became inseparable, to the point that Brad accompanied Angelina to Ethiopia to pick up Zahara, the daughter he adopted and to whom Pitt would later give his last names as well as Maddox, the actress’s first adopted son.

Then came Shiloh, her first biological daughter, Pax Thien, and twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline . During their best years, Pitt and Jolie were known as the “Brangelina.” Together they created a large family of six children.

“The younger ones are still at the age where they love making him cards and doing the whole cake and birthday candles thing,” the source revealed. “So that will happen, it’s just a matter of him having the time off from work and of course with COVID protocols there are a lot of moving parts. But really the only thing that Brad wants for his birthday are the homemade cards that his kids make him and time with them, that is what he treasures most. Otherwise, he’d just as soon skip having a birthday.”

Looking at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star, it’s hard to fathom that he’s only a few years shy of his 60th birthday. And, according to a second source, Brad can hardly believe how quickly time has passed either. “Birthdays near Christmas have always been interesting for Brad and especially this year is way different than any year before. The main takeaway is that he can’t believe that he is inching towards 60.”

But, Brad’s not stressed about getting older. “He is embracing getting older and loving life,” shared the source. “And he is going to take today and this weekend to talk to the ones he loves. He isn’t going to have a party and he is not expecting and gifts. He is just looking forward to hearing from his kids and going through the day very happy because he is healthy and mostly everything in his life is going very well. He’s in a great place right now.”

Their romantic wedding came on August 23, 2014 after ten years together. But in 2016 their famous separation came . The battle for the custody of his children is such that four years later it is not over. The little ones live with the actress, but Brad has settled very close to them to spend as much time together. Time that, having overcome his recognized problems with alcohol, he shares with his solidarity actions and his passion for cinema.

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