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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – as he did last year – issued a pardon on Thursday in favor of police officers and soldiers who are in prison convicted of having killed someone in “the exercise of their functions.”

The pardon, traditionally granted in Brazil in the framework of Christmas, will be published this December 25 in the Official Gazette , but sources from the Presidency announced that it will be similar to the one dictated last year by Bolsonaro, leader of the Brazilian extreme right and an iron man. defender of the “strong hand” against crime.

“Federal police, civil police, military police and firefighters, among others, who in the exercise of their function or as a consequence of it, have committed culpable or unintentional crimes , will be contemplated in the decree,” says a text that has been advanced to the press by the Secretary of the Presidency. This measure will also benefit those prisoners with “serious health problems”, among which they cite cases of AIDS patients and some type of cancer, among others.

The pardon is general and does not contemplate individualized cases , so, to achieve the benefit, the teams of jurists of each of the possible contemplated must go to the courts, which will have the last word on the matter according to each case.

The pardon for security agents who kill in the exercise of their functions has been defended by Bolsonaro for decades and was included in a bill on security sent last year by the Government to Congress, which finally vetoed that point. The president, however, has not given up and has said that – as of February next year, when the directives of the lower houses and the Senate will be renewed – he will insist on this matter.

Last week, when announcing that he plans to send another bill to Parliament on the same subject, Bolsonaro sent a message “to the hypocrites” who oppose this measure, who are mainly the press and human rights organizations. , and assured that “it is not a permission to kill, but the right not to die.” The president said that “a policeman has to fulfill his mission and then go home to rest, without waiting for a notice from a justice official” in case he has killed a criminal.

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