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BTS becomes one of the most millionaire groups in South Korea, the popularity of K-pop idols have given them a great economic position in 2020.

BigHit artists continue to consolidate 2020 as their best year, not only in terms musicals, but also in economic figures. It is no secret that the boys have a great marketing management on the part of their company, which has allowed them to develop their own brand such as Pop Up! Store, TinyTan, and BT21, plus income from their comebacks and concerts.

Through Korean portals, the annual list of the most millionaire figures in entertainment and Bang SiHyuk of BigHit and Bangtan was releasedmade the list within the Top 20, together they add up to a multimillion-dollar fortune that gives them great purchasing power. Idols were the only K-pop group on the list.

The fortune BTS has grown tremendously despite the pandemic 2020, had to postpone their tour, where they generate more revenue due to the sale of official Goths, but were able to overcome their brand reputation thanks to releases like TinyTan, his collaborations with Mattel, BT21 products , merch of their Pop Up! Store, “Dynamite” , the sales of his album “BE” and “Map of the soul: 7” , as well as advertising campaigns such as Samsung.

According to the published list, the CEO of BigHit is the richest person in Korean entertainment, he placed at # 1, and his fortune amounts to more than 2 trillion won. Fate, luck a great eye for talent, with a company on the verge of bankruptcy, Bang SiHyuk returned to the top with the K-pop group.

The boys of BTS have a total value of 86 thousand billion won as a group, for a private concert you would have to pay 700 thousand dollars. Each of the members ranked 9 to 15, it was not specified who occupied each position. Jimin, V, RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook and Jin  have a fortune for more than12. 300 billion won. 

The K-pop group’s revenue comes from sales of comebacks, concerts, ad campaigns, and merchandise. ARMY was surprised at the economic power they possess, as they are capable of having their own private jet or renting a stadium for themselves if they want to.

The fortune of BTS not only demonstrates its aquisitivo power, also provides support for causes large. Jimin made a donation that will award scholarships to art students. 

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