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Perhaps Charlie Woods is not yet aware that he has been the star of the PNC Championship , although he has been seen moving and behaving completely naturally on the field despite having a camera on him at all times. Tiger’s 11-year-old son has shone again while following the advice of his father, although it was his own blows that spoke for themselves. It has certainly shown that it is on the right track.

The winners of the tournament have finally been Justin Thomas and his father Mike (119 strokes), who signed a huge 57 to close the tournament and beat Team Singh by one impact and the Trevinos and O’Meras by two. Team Woods , meanwhile, had to settle for seventh place after finishing a day with 62 strokes, like the first day.

We have seen Charlie making the characteristic gesture of his father when he has achieved a birdie on the 10th hole (par 4). As usual, he made the first shot on the green and it was perfect.

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