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China has announced the ratification of an extradition treaty with Turkey, an agreement that Beijing wants to use to speed up the return of some Uighurs suspected of “terrorism” and refugees in Turkish territory.

Although the Turkish parliament has not yet ratified this bilateral agreement signed in 2017, the decision is expected to raise concern among the Uighur diaspora  (estimated at 50,000 people) in Turkey.

Turkey has linguistic and cultural ties with Uighurs , Muslims who speak a Turkish language. Ankara was for a long time one of the main defenders of its cause at the international level, before becoming more discreet.

China launched in your region Xinjiang (northwest) policy of VIGILA INSTANCE maximum of Uighurs , after numerous attacks against civilians that Beijing blamed the separatist movement uigur .

According to foreign experts, Chinese authorities interned at least one million people in camps, particularly Uighurs . Beijing refers to them as “vocational training centers” to help the population find a job and thus keep them from extremism.

Considering themselves victims of persecution, some Uighurs fled to Turkey.

The ratified extradition treaty, however, provides for several reasons for refusing the request: if the state to which it is presented believes it is linked to a “political crime”, if the person concerned is one of its citizens or if the person benefit from the right of asylum.

“This extradition treaty will cause panic among Uighurs who have fled China and who do not yet have Turkish citizenship,” France Presse Dilxat Raxit , a spokesman for the Uigure World Congress , a German-based exile organization , told the agency .

“We call on the Turkish government (…) to prevent this treaty from becoming an instrument of persecution,” he said, ensuring that Beijing is putting economic pressure on Turkey to ratify the treaty.

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