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The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) today authorized the use of the vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm and the Beijing Institute of Biological Products. 

The small country located on the Arabian Peninsula has been participating in phase 3 trials of the drug since July and had already obtained approval for emergency use for healthcare workers by September.

For authorization announced today, the health authorities in the US evaluated the interim analyzes of the pharmaceutical clinical tests and confirmed that the vaccine showed 86% effectiveness. 

In addition, the Sinopharm drug also “has a 99% seroconversion rate of neutralizing antibodies and 100% effectiveness in preventing moderate and severe cases ,” reported the state news agency of the Arab country WAM.

It is not yet known how the vaccination campaign will be in this country of 9.6 million inhabitants , since the Ministry of Health has not yet provided further details. 

Last November it became known that the leader of Dubai (one of the emirates), Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had been injected with an experimental drug against the virus that put the world in check.

The US accumulates, so far, 180 thousand infections and 598 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, yesterday registered just over a thousand cases and two people died.

Sinopharm is one of the Chinese laboratories that is developing vaccines against the coronavirus and it is testing two different drugs itself, although both are made from inactivated viruses and are applied in two doses.

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