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Huawei has installed the European headquarters in Spain for its new Petal Search search business , with which it seeks to compete with Google and which will entail a “millionaire” investment to grow “rapidly in the future.”

At the moment, there are about twenty people who work in this Huawei business unit in Spain, which operates at the company’s headquarters in Madrid and from where new services and new businesses related to this search engine will be launched for all of Europe, as explained in an interview with EFE by the CEO of Huawei in Spain, Tony Jin Yong.

Petal Search is the Huawei search engine that can already be used from any mobile device , both with the iOs operating system -through your browser- or Android, for which it also already has its corresponding application available, which can be downloaded through from Huawei’s own application store (App Gallery).

In Spain, 70% of the most popular mobile applications are integrated into Huawei’s own system and the idea is that this percentage will grow.

The Chinese technology company is also working on its own Harmony operating system, although at the moment it does not have a release date.

Huawei is on the way to regain the position it had in Spain before the US veto thanks to its own mobile services it has created, although they still need some time.

“We just need more time, maybe six months, maybe a year, but our ecosystem will be very relevant and offer a very good user experience,” he defended.

Since the US veto of the company, which prevented Google from providing licenses to Huawei, the Chinese technology company has been recovering positions with its own mobile services, which are equivalent to those of Google, but independent.

One of the services that Huawei has launched is Petal Search, a new search engine, with which it plans to compete with Google, which in Europe accounts for around 97% of users .

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