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Khabib Nurgmagomedov needs to think if he will retire or still pursue his career for the clean record of 30-0. This will change the course of Conor Mcgregor vs Dustin Poirier 2 match, if The Eagle settled down for retirement they will not only go for interim title. 

“I think his dad wanting him to get to 30-0 is in the back of his mind,” White told BT Sport. “And he wants to achieve that because he knew his father wanted it. But we’ll see. He and I are gonna get together next month and talk.”

“He might not. Maybe he won’t fight (again),” White added. “I don’t know the answer to that. But I’m a little confident that I can talk him into it.”

“No interim title,” White said. “I’ll know next month. I’ll know when Conor and Poirier are fighting whether (Khabib’s) gonna fight again.”

Poirier said he is not rushing to have the UFC assign a title to his fight. Poirier understands the decision not to remove Nurmagomedov’s belt right away, as emotions were running high for him after a difficult year in both his career and personal life. However, he doesn’t seem to be expressing dramatically different thoughts as time goes on , and Poirier hopes their fight will make a call.

“The division has to go ahead. The only thing that makes me think that the guy is serious in the first place is that he doesn’t seem like a fool and if he said that it ended right after the fight and that his father just passed away, it’s an emotional moment. You just got another title defense, you can go home to your family. You could say those things right after. But a month later, are you still singing the same tune? Maybe the guy’s mind is elsewhere. Maybe it is moving forward. Perhaps, as you said, you have achieved everything you set out to do. I do not know. But if it ends, someone has to fight for that belt.”

If for some reason Nurmagomedov’s future doesn’t have a clear answer by the time UFC 257 rolls around , Poirier said he’ll be happy with a non-title fight. He scrapped the idea of ​​an interim title, which is something he has already done and won.

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