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For the sixth time so far in 2020, Steam broke its own record for the most simultaneous people on the platform, now reaching 24.8 million.

With the emergence of the pandemic earlier in the year and millions of people locked in their homes, Steam saw an unprecedented number of concurrent users . Until now, the record for simultaneous players seen on the platform was 22 million users.

However, according to SteamDB , Valve’s platform hit a new high, achieving 24,804,148 concurrent users yesterday.

Although it is only speculation, it is believed that the combination of cold weather in many parts of the world, the lack of activities due to the pandemic, and the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 , as well as the continued growth of other games such as CS: GO, resulted in This increase in numbers resulted.

In January 2018, with the PUBG craze, Steam had reached an impressive 18.5 million concurrent users. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, more precisely on February 2, a new record of 18.8 was set, and from there the numbers have not stopped growing.

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