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Moments after Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that ‘ Cyberpunk 2077 ‘ was completely removed from the PlayStation Store , offering full refunds to users who purchased the game there, CD Projekt RED decided to issue its official statement.

Apparently, it was a joint decision between the Japanese company and the Polish studio.

“CD PROJEKT SA’s Board of Directors publicly discloses Sony Interactive Entertainment’s decision to remove ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ from PlayStation Store until further notice. The decision was made after our discussion with SIE about a full refund for all players who had purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store and want a refund right now. ”

“Digital copies purchased from PlayStation Store remain available for use by their respective buyers. Players can also purchase physical versions of the game at retail stores. All copies, whether digital or physical, will continue to receive support and updates from the company. ”

Since its release, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ has been causing a lot of inconvenience especially in the PlayStation 4 version. The studio has already announced two major fixes, scheduled for January and February 2021.

The plot takes place in a dystopian future, in the violent metropolis of Night City, ruled by large corporations. That’s where V, a rising cyberpunk, lives. The player is able to fully personalize the protagonist, choosing gender, class and life history. The dialogues and actions promise to be immersive, with systems of choices that will affect the plot.

‘ Cyberpunk 2077 ‘ is available. The physical edition comes with two discs, one of which is intended for installation, as was done in ‘ Red Dead Redemption II ‘ and ‘ The Last of Us Part II ‘.

But many criticize their errors and bugs and some suggest that consumers wait a few months to purchase the game, in the hope that the problems will be fixed.

The game’s release has been delayed several times this year and developers were forced to post alerts when one of the critics suffered an epileptic fit while playing.

Studio CD Projekt RED apologized on Monday and promised to “fix the bugs” with fixes announced for January and February, in order to “improve the game”. The company has also proposed to reimburse players who do not want to wait.

The studio’s president, Adam Kicinski, announced that the game had eight million advance purchase orders, which he called “phenomenal results”. He also ensured that the game “works great in most configurations”.

According to estimates by Polish bank BOS, the budget for Cyberpunk 2077, based on a game created by American Mike Pondsmith, was $ 331 million, making it one of the most expensive video games in history.

Some big youtubers jump online to express their opinions and criticism about this move of Cyberpunk 2077 management.

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