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Known as one of the most important names for the growth of MMA, Dana White knows how few negotiate within the sport. In the business for over 20 years, the ‘big boss’, currently, lives a situation in which he needs to convince one of his biggest stars, Khabib Nurmagomedov , to give up early retirement and return to the octagon. In an interview with BT.Sport , the representative returned to comment on the matter and continued with great optimism.

“I think his father, deep down, wanted him (Khabib) to do 30 fights. He wants to achieve that, because he knows that is what the father would like. We will see. He and I are going to meet next month to talk. He may not want to fight, I don’t know the answer to that. But I am confident that I can convince him (to come back), ”said Dana.

Khabib’s retirement took many sports enthusiasts by surprise. The news took on worldwide proportions as soon as the Russian, in October, announced the news in the UFC’s octagon, after finishing Justin Gaethje and unifying the lightweight belt (up to 70.3 kg.).

In his speech – very emotional – Nurmagomedov justified the absence of his father, who died of complications from Covid-19 in early July – as the main factor. Abdulmanap was, besides being a father, the main trainer and supporter of the champion in the martial arts.

Khabib left the sport unbeaten in 29 performances. Before his father’s death, the athlete never hid his desire to test himself against the legendary Georges St-Pierre, who also welcomed the super fight.

Although Nurmagomedov remains steadfast in his decision, Ultimate remains confident that his champion will return. The fighter continues as the leader in the organization’s lightweight and weight-for-weight ranking on its official website.

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