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The US president even questioned the authorship of the incident, suggesting that China could be behind.

In contradiction to his own secretary of state and other senior officials, President Donald Trump suggested without evidence that China – and not Russia – could be behind the recent massive cyberattack against the United States (US) and tried to minimize its impact.

In his first comments about the intrusion, Trump mocked the focus on the Kremlin and downplayed the attack, days after the US cybersecurity agency warned it poses a “serious” risk to the government and private networks.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that it was “quite clear” the Russian authorship of the most serious cyber attack against the US that is known.

What is extraordinary about this hack is its magnitude: between March and June, 18,000 entities were infected with a code that was entered through a popular network management software from the SolarWinds company , based in Austin, Texas.

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