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The outgoing president of the United States , Donald Trump, suffered a new setback in his judicial offensive to try to challenge the triumph of Joe Biden in the elections of last November 3, when he saw his actions against the victory of the Democratic candidate frustrated in Wisconsin by just 21,000 votes.

A Chicago appeals court unanimously rejected Trump’s lawyer’s argument that the Wisconsin Election Commission violated the US Constitution due to measures introduced by the coronavirus pandemic, such as making the photographic identification of voters more flexible , according to the portal of Politico news.

Judge Michael Scudder, appointed at the time by Trump, considered that the changes alleged by the still tenant of the White House were not relevant enough to consider them a violation of the Magna Carta.

In addition, Scudder – who has been a speaker for a court made up of two other judges, all of them appointed by the Republican Party – reproached Trump for denouncing these alleged irregularities once the presidential elections were held .

“The president had the opportunity to present this case before the elections. Having lost that opportunity, now – after the electoral results have been certified as final – he can not raise these challenges,” he said.

That last blow comes when the Supreme Court is still silenton the actions of Trump’s legal team to also challenge the electoral result in Pennsylvania. The New York magnate’s lawyers had urged the high court to rule last Wednesday, but they did not.

Trump has presented numerous appeals in the US courts to try to invalidate Biden’s victory, which he considers a “fraud”, even though it has already been confirmed by the Electoral College.

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