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Difficult night for Drew McIntyre because instead of facing one, he ended up having two rivals for the scepter; one of them being The Miz , who collected his briefcase but could not make it effective and added to the list of failures in this tenor.

Drew began the duel against AJ Styles in a fight that, as expected, was very hard, as both took out their best weapons and took advantage of the fact that they could use chairs, tables and ladders to attack with them.

But AJ Styles went further , focusing on attacking Drew’s left leg with a ladder and chair.

Few were the occasions that they tried to pick up the WWE Championship at first, because they knew how dangerous it would be to leave their rival still with some hope of moving, so they were in charge of continuing with the punishment rather than looking for the scepter.

Just in one of those moments, when Styles was about to take the belt, Drew grabbed it from the top of the structure and threw it out of the ring on a table.

Drew tried to climb, but The Miz appeared , knocking Drew down onto a table and cashing in on the Money in the Bank briefcase , thereby including himself in the fight.

With his way clear, the Awesome one climbed the ladder and when he was nowhere from taking the scepter, AJ Styles’ massive bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin threw Miz out of the ring .

John Morrison shoved the huge man on the back, but the man resisted and chased the Sexy Shaman backstage.

Now, with three fighters in the match and all injured, things got complicated, when Styles and Drew stayed on the ring climbing the ladder quite sore.

For several seconds the two fighters hit each other, until Miz climbed up and joined the fray, but Drew managed to knock them both down.

Everything was tension, as the three fighters touched the championship and were close to staying with it, until McIntyre knocked his two rivals off the ladder and finally lifted the belt .

In this way, Drew gets one more defense. While The Miz joins Damien Sandow and John Cena as the only fighters who have failed to become champions by redeeming the Money in the Bank briefcase.

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