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With this technology, the Tesla car can be driven and parked only on the tracks and highways. The fashion of subscriptions. After being heavily rumored for a large amount of time, Elon Musk has confirmed that he will launch a monthly subscription service for Tesla users to test the autonomous driving functions of these vehicles.

Through his Twitter account, Musk said that the Full Self-Driving service will be a monthly subscription that he hopes to arrive at the beginning of 2021.

Full autonomous driving is an intelligence that is still being tested at Tesla, with constant updates and improvements. For the user of the company, this technology is currently at a not so modest price of 10 thousand dollars for the entire useful life of your vehicle.

Musk has said that once Tesla cars are capable of driving themselves, they will be able to function as a fleet of robotaxis, allowing them to earn money for their owners for when they are not in use.

However, this monthly subscription option will allow the driver to choose the months in which they are hired or, in another way, to test its benefits and then buy a definitive license.

The monthly price for this subscription has not yet been specified.

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