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The Federal Network Agency has assigned the US company SpaceX from Tesla founder Elon Musk radio frequencies for the Starlink satellite system.

Starlink aims to provide satellite-based broadband Internet services with similar response times. “We have created the legal frequency requirements so that broadband Internet can be offered via satellite in Germany,” said Jochen Homann, the head of the authorities. It is the first assignment of frequencies for a so-called satellite mega-constellation with a very high number of near-earth, orbiting satellites.

With Starlink, satellite-based broadband Internet services with reaction times (latency) similar to those in terrestrial networks should be possible. According to the network agency, there are currently 800 Starlink satellites in orbit. More than 4,400 satellites are planned for the final stage. In addition to the frequencies for the satellite radio network, Starlink has received frequencies for several earth stations in Germany, which are supposed to act as gateways to ensure the transition and connection with the Internet.

The allocation contains regulations that ensure the trouble-free operation of other applications in the same and adjacent frequency range, including directional radio, radio astronomy and geostationary satellite applications. Due to the novelty of the system, the frequency allocation is initially limited to one year in order to be able to make adjustments to the longer-term approval if necessary.

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