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CHase Carey, outgoing president of F1, whose position passes in 2021 to Stefano Domenicali, praises Lewis Hamilton as a sports icon of 2020 and notes that the World Cup will follow his recommendations to promote equality and diversity and equality within the ‘ paddock’.

“Lewis is a giant of our sport and a truly international sports superstar. What he and Mercedes have accomplished in the last decade has been phenomenal. Off the track, he has the same star status that he has on the inside and has used his reach and his voice to raise important issues such as diversity and inclusion in our sport, “says Carey in an interview in ‘The New York Times’.

“It is very important that we reflect the diversity of our fans around the world in the makeup of our sport. That is why we are moving forward with plans to enhance diversity and opportunities in F1, as well as addressing how our sport can be more. sustainable “, affirms the director of Liberty Media, owner of the majority of shares in the championship.

Carey also takes stock of the difficulties faced this year due to the global pandemic and the merit of having been able to remake a World Cup with 17 Grands Prix.”Obviously 2020 has not developed as planned for us or the world, and our priorities and goals have been turned upside down. We are very proud of what we have all achieved and it shows the resilience of those involved in Formula 1 to that we were the first international sport to restart its season. The situation right after Australia was very uncertain. When we canceled the race in Melbourne, other sports around the world had to react to the situation, as we did. We knew it would not be easy to start a season in 2020, but detailed planning allowed us to restart in the safest way possible, “he recalls in a somewhat skewed way, as the NBA dragged the rest of sports in those days, including F1.

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