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Low sales and the need for an in-depth upgrade led the Japanese manufacturer to confirm the decision to retire it, at least for a time.

After two and a half months of speculation, this morning it was finally confirmed through an official statement that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 will disappear from the US market with the end of 2021.

“It will disappear by 2022, but I think it will return soon and much more modern and luxurious ,” a partner of one of the most important dealerships in the North American country told the specialized medium Car and Driver.

The iconic Japanese SUV says goodbye to one of the most important markets for the brand after 12 years and several very simple aesthetic and mechanical updates. V ale remember that Toyota itself is preparing a new generation for the rest of the globe.


According to the publication, the Japanese manufacturer considers that the Toyota Land Cruiser has already completed its cycle in the market and proof of this are its sales figures: 3,536 units of 2.4 million sold in the United States in 2019 is a very poor balance for the SUV.

And not to mention 2020. Although the figures have not come out, it is clear that this year meant a severe blow to the sales of the industry and a car like the Japanese tank, associated with an aspirational segment, luxury if you will. It was surely among the victims.

In addition, it is well known that the current model needs a deep update, both in technological equipment and infotainment, as well as emissions. After all, a combined fuel consumption of 14 miles per gallon, according to the EPA, may not be attractive in the middle of 2020, when it comes to efficiency and cleanliness.

Despite the imminent farewell, everyone seems convinced that the Toyota Land Cruiser will return to the US market for years to come . This, it seems, in the form of the new generation that the Japanese prepare.

It is worth remembering that in the past the Japanese have retired other vehicles such as the Supra and more recently the Venza, which was discontinued in 2015 but will return, precisely, next year.


Considering the tradition behind the historic SUV, it wouldn’t be surprising if it returns in less than six years, riding on a more capable 4WD mechanism and a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, equipped with hybrid technology.

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