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At the beginning of this year, Volkswagen announced the cessation of production of the Volkswagen e-Golf, the 100% electric version of the European best seller , a very natural move before the emergence of the Volkswagen ID.3 that it conquers in Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. . Said and done, because this Wednesday the Dresden complex assembled the last of the Volkswagen e-Golf , number 145,561.

The Volkswagen e-Golf was assembled in the aforementioned factory in Dresden and in Wolfsburg, VW’s parent company. The first factory will now be dedicated to the production of precisely the ID.3 from January. Other models assembled in Dresden are the Volkswagen Phaeton premium sedan and the Bentley Flying Spur.

The e-Golf unit that closes this story started in 2015, corresponds to a painted in Uranogrey tone. The electric Volkswagen Golf has 134 Hp and a range of just 200 km, figures well below the modern VW ID.3 that offers 201 horses and a range of up to 550 km.

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