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Google is testing a new feature that will allow it to show short videos from social networks in search results on its application for iOS and Android mobile devices,  reports the TechCrunch portal.

The novelty will expand the capabilities of a test feature launched by Google earlier this year that nested a carousel of short videos within the custom ‘Discover’ tab in its mobile ‘app’. While the original version of the feature focused on adding clips from Google-owned platforms such as YouTube and Tangi, the update also incorporates content from Instagram and TikTok.

After multiple reports, Google has confirmed that it is testing a feature that indexes TikTok and Instagram clips to search results in a small section called “Short Videos”.

Discovered by TechCrunch , this function what it does is to throw a series of videos related to the search words in the browser with thumbnails and instant multimedia playback.

Google claimed that it is a pilot (an early and limited feature) and that it does not appear for every search query, but only for a select few.

It is available through your browser or the Google search app on Android and iOS . The company did not say whether the carousel would expand to more searches and users.

The internet giant has indexed videos for years, but has generally focused on dedicated (and often desktop-oriented) video sites like YouTube. This test is expressly aimed at the multitude of social networks.

According to the outlet, the new feature could help the tech giant retain users so they don’t completely abandon their search engine. When Internet users click on a short video that appears on the carousel, they will be directed to the web version of the platform, instead of being sent to the corresponding application. 

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the tool is currently being tested on mobile devices, but stressed that the carousel is still in its early stages of development and has yet to appear alongside all search queries. In addition, he detailed that the function is currently available on a limited basis.

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