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The regulation of large technology companies is not only emphasized in Europe, where these companies have been sanctioned with multimillion-dollar fines for unlawful practices, this phenomenon is also now being experienced in the United States, where almost a quarantine of member states of the Union Americana has joined forces to sue Google.

Thus, the plaintiff maintains that those captained by Sundar Pichai have encouraged monopolistic practices, with the firm intention of privileging their offers over those of the competition; This situation is detrimental to the consumer, who sometimes cannot obtain greater benefits by being deprived of more information to obtain better prices on products and services.

However, the natives of Mountain View have also been required by the Department of Justice of the United States, where they have two processes for different charges against them for monopoly crimes, eleven American states also joined in that lawsuit.

The state of Texas will also file an individual complaint to ask the Court that this complaint be considered a federal offense; that the case is not only sanctioned by local laws, in the same way, that it be punished according to federal considerations.

For its part, Google has dismissed the legal proceedings against it because they argue that its search engine offers the most relevant results, always seeking the greatest benefit of the users of its services, it also puts the Internet user in direct contact with the provider in order to choose freely and in the sense of meeting your needs in the best way.

In that sense, if the user is not certain about the services and / or products that the search results show, they can freely go to other portals to review the options that best suit their tastes and requirements; They can link them directly by simply searching for the company of their choice.

Companies affected by these alleged monopoly promoted by Google have made known their approval for this joint legal action, as they seek to privilege a fundamental principle of the internet, which is freedom in favor of the web browser.

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