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Rockstar released new content via free download for GTA Online . Named ‘The Coup de Cayo Perico’, the expansion pack is considered one of the biggest and best that has ever come online.In addition, players will be able to invade Cayo Perico, an exotic island that is home to the most famous drug dealer in the world, known as El Rubio. However, this will not be an easy task, since the owner of the site has several private security personnel highly trained and prepared for any situation.

As part of the scam, users must escape from the scene with as much evidence as possible. In addition, it is possible to collect pieces of art to be sold, gold and lots of money, present in the local coffers.

The description of the expansion pack points out that players have the option to neutralize or hide “from the extremely armed forces at the site. Choose the tools. Choose the tactic. Choose the team … or act completely alone. But try to get back to Los Santos alive ”. This means more freedom to prepare for the theft – plus the possibility of breaking into the site alone or with friends.

The island is not the only novelty in the update. Players will also have a new nightclub, called The Music Locker. It will be located in the basement of the Diamond Cassino and Resort and is home to some of the most famous DJs in Los Santos.

The Music Locker will be open to everyone. However, Penthouse owners at Diamond will have exclusive access to table service in the VIP section of the nightclub.

The music part also gained news. Users will receive new radio stations in the game, totaling more than 100 new tracks. Finally, it’s no mystery that with each update, Rockstar adds new weapons and vehicles to the game’s online mode – it’s no different here.

‘The Coup de Cayo Perico’ is now available free of charge to players of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. The update can be downloaded for PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . In addition, the current generation consoles – Xbox Series S / X and PS5 – will be able to download and play the news if they have the game, which runs through backwards compatibility.

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