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After around 1 million customer data were discovered by hackers previously unknown in June , the security risk for those affected is now increasing. Because a hacker made the records publicly available for download .

Many of Ledger’s customers have been receiving fake e-mails for months that are intended to convince them to reveal their private keys. Phishing attacks are not a novelty in the world of cryptocurrencies, because it is extremely lucrative to target users of cryptocurrencies, hackers are always interested in them.

With the latest escalation level, however, the problem takes on a new dimension. While the data was previously only known to a comparatively small group, it is now accessible to everyone on the network. This automatically turns the affected customers into potential targets for a large number of criminal offenses.

First of all, it is important to understand that under no circumstances should you give your private key or seed to strangers. Both are at the heart of every Bitcoin wallet, including the Ledger hardware wallet.

Now that e-mail and residential addresses have landed on the net, it could not only be about phishing in the future, but also completely new threat scenarios. Under the website “ Have I been pwned? “Users can find out safely and free of charge whether they are affected.

As of yesterday, the database also recorded Ledger’s data leak after filing it by Hudson Rock’s CTO. In addition to using a password manager and a password generator, the standard use of 2-factor authentication is recommended. In addition to this best practice, common sense often helps. Many of the fraud attempts are based on playing with the feelings and hopes of the potential victims by simulating either danger or a great reward.

Basically, no legitimate company will ever ask for private keys, seeds or passwords. When it comes to this, it is a final warning sign for the users concerned, which they must recognize themselves.

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