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Honda has increased the range of the Civic Type R with two versions, the Type R Limited Edition (the most extreme) and the Type R Sport Line (which is committed to a more discreet design and greater comfort).

The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition, of which only 100 units are to arrive in Europe, has been developed to be the most complete front-wheel drive five-door on the track, reducing the weight by 47 kilograms with new lightweight components and with a minimalist interior.

It can be recognized by the Sunlight yellow color and the black roof trims, the side mirrors and the air vent on the hood; as well as the 20-inch forged alloy wheels combined with high-performance tires (which reduce the weight by 10 kilograms).

It mounts a new adaptive suspension system and the steering has been recalibrated to maximize its response.

As regards the Honda Type R Sport Line, it equips a lower rear wing than the Civic Type R GT, 19-inch dark gray alloy wheels, tires with softer sidewalls for greater comfort on the road and an accentuated line in gray along the bottom edge of the car.

The interior of this version is in black and to increase comfort, insulating materials have been incorporated in the boot and the tailgate that reduce the level of noise, vibration and noise.

In addition to the existing color palette, the Civic Type R GT and Civic Type R Sport Line are now available in the new Racing Blue finish.

The prices of the range are as follows: 45,750 euros for the Civic Type R Sport Line, 46,250 euros for the GT and 52,750 euros for the Limited Edition.

The engine that powers them is the 2.0-liter Turbo VTEC petrol with 320 hp and 400 Nm, with which they accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds and can reach a speed of 272 km / h

The transmission is a six-speed manual and the final gear ratio is very low to improve response during acceleration, according to the manufacturer, who also highlights that thanks to the driving modes -Comfort, Sport and R + (the latter for the circuit) , the Civic Type R is more functional than the previous generation.

The modes change the response of adaptive dampers (three-chamber), steering, gear changes and acceleration. The Sport is the one that starts the vehicle with and is the most balanced between the Comfort (the suspension setting is softer and the steering is softer) and the R +.

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