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So far the company in charge of these expeditions has confirmed 40 remote locations.

Since its history became known, the Titanic has caused fascination among many people, some of them scientists who have dedicated their field of study to this sensational ship and others of them fans who only dream of being close.

After the discovery of its ruins in 1985 , only some experts, researchers and scientists have been fortunate enough to be able to go down to the depths of the ocean and see with their own eyes the remains of the famous ship, which rests peacefully at the bottom of North Atlantic.

However, in 2021 visits to the Titanic may be a reality for all those who wish to do so, and who can pay for the trip. And it is that a company dedicated to marine expeditions will launch the Titanic Survey Expedition project , with which they will carry out underwater tourist visits to the remains of the boat; for a modest cost of 125 thousand dollars.

According to this company, this idea was born with the purpose that more people can admire the ruins of this historic ship, before the marine conditions end up disappearing, because due to saline corrosion, sea currents and bacteria and microorganism from the ocean the remains are already very deteriorated.

But raising the sum of money is not the only requirement, those interested must also have excellent health to withstand the high pressure generated by diving into the depths of the ocean. 

The expedition will last seven days, of which three will be training and a safety course. From the fourth, the submarine inspection missions will begin, which will last between six and eight hours each and in which they will have the opportunity to reach the heart of the Titanic.

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