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Hugh Jackman has declared himself the winner of a two-month “fight” with his “rival”  Ryan Reynolds . Since both actors have maintained a supposed dispute for years where they appear to hate each other when in reality they are best friends.

The jokes between Reynolds and Jackman began in 2008, after the two worked together on  X-Men Origins: Wolverine . But after a decade of that, both have remained that way, making constant jokes, competitions and jokes with each other, which the fans quite love.

That is why they both took advantage of the alleged dispute and joined the Sam’s Club chain of stores in a competition that asked fans to donate to a charity supported by each celebrity, so they both started a competition to be crowned as the winner.

As Reynolds pointed out on his social networks, it was Hugh who became the winner of the competition and shared it on his social networks arguing between jokes that he was forced to say that. However, many were quite happy, since all the money would go to the Jackman’s Laughing Man charity , which promotes fair working conditions for workers on coffee plantations.

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