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The Hyundai Mini “45” EV is a small electric vehicle inspired by the concept 45 and which aims, through Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control technology, to support patient children at Hospital Sant Joan Deu Barcelona.

This technology is based on artificial intelligence to optimize the vehicle’s environment, taking into account information collected inside and outside it. The development of this technology is being done by Hyundai and the MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

EAVC technology monitors facial expressions, heart rate and respiratory rate and combines these readings with vehicle information, including speed, acceleration, noise and vibration. The technology then processes the data through machine learning to optimize the vehicle’s environment, ensuring active control of the car’s systems, such as lighting, temperature, music and the fragrance dispenser.

In this way, Hyundai is helping countless children to face very difficult times living in hospitals while waiting or going to treatment rooms. While moving, the small Hyundai also produces bubbles to celebrate the progress of the little ones.

Hyundai Motor plans to continue supporting the treatment of young patients at the SJD hospital through the ‘Little Big e-Motion’ project, while improving EAVC technology, thanks to this implementation. The South Korean brand therefore hopes, in the near future, to expand the use of this next generation technology in mobility devices to increase driver safety and well-being.

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