Instagram is Spying on Users?

One of the trends that became noticeable since Sunday was that  Instagram  updated its privacy policies to spy on its users and observe their reactions.

According to rumors,  facial recognition would  be used for commercial purposes, to present ads or accounts that are more turned off to the  interests of users.

According to several people on Twitter, Instagram’s  new privacy policy  allows the organization to view and analyze things through the front camera, copy its address book, call log, and SMS history, and collect information from everything it searches on. the place.

If you go to the section on privacy policies and user data management,  the application accepts that it uses this data to display content of greater interest to users.  However, nowhere does it mention that the front camera is used for this purpose.

“We use the information we have about you, including information about your interests, actions and connections, to select and personalize advertisements, offers and other advertising content that we show you.”

In the section of legal information of Instagram,  we can find what the application monitors for advertising purposes. In general, Instagram collects the information and content that the user provides, such as their network of contacts, the hashtags they use, their location and affiliation with the products. So select the advertising content that shows according to the interests of users.

Regarding facial recognition, they ensure that the technology is only used to recognize the  user in multimedia content. 

“We will use facial recognition technology to recognize you in photos, videos, and camera experiences. In the event that we introduce facial recognition technology into your Instagram experience, we  will inform you in advance and you can decide if you want us to use it for you ”.

Apparently everything is a “fake news”, unless they do it secretly.

Since the app users rarely read the terms and conditions carefully before hitting “accept”, it was very easy for thousands of people to believe the alarming report.

Even  Madonna  did not agree with the update of the app.

Espionage is a very  controversial topic in apps and cell phones. A few weeks ago, for example, it was reported that  TikTok  reads its users’ trash cans.

For its part, the  Instagram Public Relations  team clarified the update of its use policies on its official Twitter account.

“We made some changes to our Terms to make them easier to understand; for example, we provide clearer language about how we use data to personalize ads. You can find them here and they apply to all of them on Instagram, ”they added.

John Howard

Journalism is my passion. I write about technology, sports and entertainment news articles for years. I start my day reading and end at night writing news articles and reviews.

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