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Located in Peru, this metropolis has no connection by road with the rest of the country and it is only possible to access by plane or boat.

There are cities that stand out for their eccentricities, modernity and even those that preserve old infrastructures. And there are others that are not “popular”, but have a quality that distinguishes them from the rest.

Such is the case of Iquitos, a metropolis located in the Peruvian Amazon that has a curious record: it is the largest continental city in the world that cannot be reached by land . It has no connection by route with the rest of the country, we can only get there by plane or boat.

The founding date of Iquitos It is uncertain , but historical documents affirm that it began as a Spanish reduction established by the Jesuits on the banks of the Nanay River around the year 1757 with the name of “San Pablo de Nuevo Napeanos”, a town inhabited by Napean (Yameos) and Iquito natives.

Around half a million people live in the Peruvian city . It had its splendor between the late 19th and early 20th centuries , thanks to the rubber rush. At that time it forged a great wealth in its architecture , which can still be appreciated today.

Today, the urban skyline is unique, full of motorcycles and with a great connection to the river. It has even been called the Venice of the Amazon , as it has sought to adapt to the rising rivers. But that nickname has also been used by Iceland. It is a day by boat, on the triple border with Brazil and Colombia , in front of the cities of Tabatinga and Leticia.

Iquitos witnessed one of the most incredible shootings in movie history. The German Werner Herzog filmed Fitzcarraldo (1982), starring Klaus Kinski. Filming delays prevented Mick Jagger from appearing in the film. The initial 40% had to be filmed again, but the Rolling Stones singer had to go on tour.

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