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The American actress and singer, Jennifer Lynn Lopez Rodríguez , had planned her wedding with former professional baseball player Alex Rodríguez before her 51st birthday. However, like thousands of people, this 2020 she changed her plans and had to postpone it to later.

The wedding was scheduled for June in Italy. This year, on that date, the country was at its highest Covid-19 focus and it was impossible to do so. Both JLo and her partner had spent over $ 5 million on the engagement ring, and they were more than excited.

With the passage of time, the idea of ​​the wedding fell apart. This is how Jennifer Lopez told it in an interview for Radio Andy: “Oh yes, we have talked about that possibility, of course. I mean that, taking into account our ages and the fact that we have been married before, it was not something essential or urgent ”.

“We asked ourselves several times: Are we getting married? Are we not getting married? What does a wedding mean to us? Ultimately, it is something very personal, “said JLo somewhat distressed. And he clarified the reasons: “It was very sad because we were supposed to get married in June and we planned everything. So in March or April, we look at how things were and say, ‘We may not do it.

Undoubtedly the coronavirus pandemic affected everyone and Alex Rodríguez and his fiancee were no exception: “Italy was in the worst situation in the world. And we were going to get married in Italy. I was like, ‘let’s see, we have to cancel everything.’ Despite the sad news, the couple seems to be doing well as a family but wearing white (once again) seems no longer the first choice.

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