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The British singer and songwriter Jessie J was hospitalized , because she woke up feeling that she could not hear, sing or walk in a straight line, so she asked for help and discovered what she feared: she has Ménière syndrome.

This was told by the same 32-year-old artist through her Twitter account, where she has more than 9.4 million followers.

Through her Instagram stories and also in the feed, the interpreter of Bang Bang , Price Tag and Mamma Knows Best told what happened.

I woke up and felt that I was completely deaf in my right ear, I couldn’t walk in a straight line. They basically told me I had Ménière syndrome.

I know a lot of people suffer from it, and in fact, a lot of people came up to me and gave me good advice, so I was silent. Now is the first time that I can sing and bear it. I miss a lot singing and being around someone, “he explained through his Instagram stories.

In addition, the artist recognized that this condition could be much worse, so she said she was grateful for her health.

According to Jessie J , it was on Christmas Eve that her ear started to hurt, something that puzzled her.

In addition to discovering that she has Ménière syndrome, singer Jessie J narrated that she felt lonely being away from her family at Christmas, so she said that she cried a little to let out her feelings and sent good wishes to all her followers.

Ménière’s disease is incurable and causes dizziness, ear pit, hearing loss, pressure, and pain , and can eventually lead to deafness.

Here we leave you the image with which Jessie J shared that she has Ménière’s syndrome.

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