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One of the best friends in life of Diana of Wales was the British musician Elton John, a great confidant of the princess, especially in the years when her distance with Prince Charles was irreparable .

So close was their relationship, that in his own autobiography I, Elton John , published last year, the musician recounted in detail one of the nights when Diana was once again the center of attention, but especially two great celebrities of the epoch.

In those years – around 1994 – Elton was working with Disney, specifically for the animated film The Lion King , and one of the company bosses, Jeffrey Katzenberg , scheduled a trip to England, so Elton wanted to organize a reception at his Woodside mansion.

Among Katzenberg’s special requirements, the interpreter asked him if there was a celebrity from that country that he wanted to meet, to which the executive responded that Princess Diana, according to La Tercera .

“I asked him if there was anyone in Britain whom he really wanted to meet and, without hesitation, he said ‘Princess Diana’. So we invited her, and also George Michael, Richard Curtis and his wife Emma Freud, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone, who were in the country at the time ”.

And it is precisely in these last two actors that the anecdote that John narrates in its pages is centered. This is because the two celebrities succumbed to the princess’s charms, of course only one of them managed to capture her attention.

“ Right off the bat, Richard Gere and Diana seemed to connect, ” says Elton. It should be noted that both Gere and Diana were living the consequences of mediatic love breaks. She with Prince Charles and he with model Cindy Crawford.

” They ended up sitting together on the floor, in front of the fireplace, deep in absorbing conversation,” he adds. While the rest of us were talking, I couldn’t help but notice a slight change in the atmosphere of the room ”, adds the musician.

Noting Stallone, Elton realized that he was staring at Diana and the Hollywood heartthrob. Apparently the protagonist of Rocky wanted to have a chance with Diana, but did not have the chance. “I think he had attended the dinner with the express intention of hooking up with Diana, and found that his plans had been unexpectedly thwarted,” writes Sir Elton.

And the drama did not stop there, because when they had to go to the table for dinner, the singer noticed that when everyone sat down the two actors were missing, and when he asked his partner, David Furnish , to come and look for them, he noticed that the situation was more complex than it appeared.

“It turns out that Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere were in the hallway facing each other when they were found, apparently about to settle their differences regarding Diana with a clean fist,” he wrote.

Of course, after lunch, Stallone assumed his defeat and left the mansion, especially when he saw that after eating Diana and Richard Gere took their place in front of the fire.

As he walked towards the exit with Elton and David, Stallone would have claimed, “ I wouldn’t have come had I known that fucking prince charming was going to be here. If I really loved her, I would already have her ”.

Inside, Diana and Richard continued their conversation without even realizing this situation. “She seemed completely serene. It is possible that he had not realized what had happened. Or maybe that kind of thing happened to her all the time and she was used to it ”, says the musician.

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