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Lin Qi , an executive producer of series and video games, died at the age of 39 after being poisoned . According to The Hollywood Reporter , he was hospitalized for a week and finally passed away on Christmas Day. After his death, the police began an investigation and discovered that they gave him poison in a drink.

Qi was working as a producer on the adaptation of the series of novels The Problem of the three bodies , to turn it into a series, along with the creators of Game of Thrones , David Benioff and DB Weiss .

He was also the President and CEO of Yoozoo Group , a company specializing in video games that he founded in 2009. The company confirmed the sad news with a heartfelt statement: “Mr. Lin Qi was diligent and conscientious in the exercise of his duties and fulfilled fidelity and honesty his functions of president and general manager “.

The Chinese tycoon was hospitalized on December 16, and after undergoing some medical tests they determined that he had been poisoned . After a week fighting for his life, he died on Christmas night. In this regard, the police have already found a main suspect, surnamed Xu, who was Qi’s co-worker,

“Suspect Xu has already been arrested and the investigation continues,” the authorities explained to the same media that reported the death. The defendant is another senior official in the company that Qi founded, and according to the first hypotheses, he may have poisoned his tea after a heated discussion.

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