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Los Angeles Lakers fall short after winning over the first 3 Quarters where Lebron James scored 29 points but Anthony Davis made 13 points only with 10 rebounds. Dennis Schroder contributed 24 points, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 13 points and Marc Gasol 4 points and 7 rebounds. Talen Horton-Tucker entered for 10 minutes and contributed 6 points, Montrezl Harrel 15 minutes 14 points and Kyle Kuzma 6 points. 

Portland Trail Blazers leaded by Damian Liliard with 31 points, Gary Trend Jr. 28 points and CJ McCollum 20 points with their impressive 4th quarter performance like previous match with Houston Rockets made them won 115-107. Jusuf Nurkic made 10 points and 12 rebounds, Enes Kanter 12 points and 14 rebounds and Rodney Hood 5 points. 

he Lakers took a calculated risk on Harrell. In paying him only the mid-level exception, they managed to secure a player who, in a vacuum, was far more valuable than they reasonably should have had access to. They took him away from the rival Clippers, and assuming they were confident that Marc Gasol was coming for the minimum, they knew that they had a more traditional center coming to balance out his deficiencies. Harrell largely played well in his first three games as a Laker. His scoring, offensive rebounding and energy are genuine assets.

But those assets are best applied against bench lineups that he can physically manhandle. Asking him to play in crunch time puts a target on his back. That was especially true on Monday, as Frank Vogel left him on the floor for more than 15 consecutive minutes of game time. By the time Portland realized how exploitable he was on defense, he was too tired to fight back. That, in essence, is what lost the Lakers this game. The Blazers hunted Harrell into extinction on pick-and-rolls. 

Ostensibly, the Lakers decided on an aggressive pick-and-roll coverage against Damian Lillard to prevent him from dribbling into easy 3-pointers. This sort of trapping only works if the big defender hounds the ball-handler immediately off the screen, bothering him enough to allow the rest of the defense to rotate into place and perhaps force that ball-handler into panicking. Instead, Harrell got caught napping, not showing hard enough on Lillard to slow him down or dropping far enough back to do anything about Enes Kanter. He was in the middle of the play, yet he didn’t affect either end of it. 

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