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A loud explosion shook downtown Nashville, Tennessee, this Friday morning, in an apparently “deliberate” act, according to police in this city in the southern United States.

The explosion took place at 06:30 on Christmas morning, causing extensive damage to the facades of the surrounding buildings.

The blast uprooted trees and set at least two vehicles on fire, one of which was related to the deflagration, according to police.

The detonation was felt for miles around. “It appears to be a deliberate act,” police said on their Twitter account.

At least three people were slightly injured, and they were taken to a hospital, firefighters were quoted as saying by local media.

The explosion took place north of the city center, near the AT&T Tower , a landmark building in the country music capital, nicknamed “Batman Tower” because of its shape. The neighborhood was cordoned off by the police.


Police in Nashville, Tennessee, closed streets around downtown Nashville after an “intentional” car explosion this Christmas morning, which raised a large column of smoke.

Through their social networks, local authorities reported that the incident took place around 06:30 a.m. on 2nd Ave N, which is why several streets were closed so that elements of the FBI, ATF and MNPD could carry out the investigations.

According to the police spokesman, Don Aaron, the explosion in which a vehicle is presumed involved was classified as “an intentional act.”

It should be noted that although there have been no reports of people injured or killed by the accident, there are damaged buildings and cars, effects that can be seen in photos and videos that residents of the area have uploaded to social networks.

Users have uploaded videos to the Internet that show how the moments after the explosion in Nashville are lived and that some have expressed was a feeling of strong shaking; others reported the noise, damage to their properties and some more have recorded the mobilizations of the authorities.

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