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The singer Maluma is currently enjoying his family and his native Colombia, this after having remained most of the quarantine by Covid-19 in the United States. 

This 2020 meant a great year for the reggaeton who achieved great success in his musical career, however he also had to see several of his plans crushed, such as a world tour due to the health emergency. 

Despite this, Juan Luis, his real name, had always remained positive; until a few days ago when he uploaded a video in his Instagram stories raising suspicions of having suffered from Covid; even let it be seen that his attitude helped him get ahead.

Picture above taken from his last hospitalized due to surgery

“We don’t know if we’re going to be there tomorrow, so I understood that everything in life is a matter of attitude. I changed my attitude, I got positive and the day I thought it was going to be bad or that it was not going to be so good, I converted it and it was filled with light ” , were the words of the reggaeton player. 

So far, and although he immediately raised suspicions, Maluma has not confirmed having been ill; so it could be just his way of seeing life in this difficult situation in which the whole world finds itself.

For his part, the Colombian is at its premiere, because just a couple of days ago he released the video for his single ‘Cielo a un diablo’, which already exceeds 4 million views.

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