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Maria Sharapova retired in tennis at the age of 32. Successive injuries prevented her from going to the top and in February, through a love letter to the sport published in the magazines Vanity Fair and Vogue , she acknowledged that it was no longer possible.

After 28 years dedicated to the sport, the Russian confided that tennis “gave her life” and that she would “miss you every day”, but that she was prepared to face a new mountain and “compete on a type of terrain different”.

Now, months later, she again shared her reasons for leaving tennis. «It was a question that I asked myself several times in the last few times before announcing it. You have to look deep inside and see what you feel, what your body and mind tell you. I realized that I was showing myself, but not as a tennis player and that I had lost track of the competition. It was difficult to manage. For many years I focused only on sport and gave everything to get results », he told the magazine« Inc ».

Sharapova is now a businesswoman, being a co-founder, for example, of the candy brand Sugarpova, as well as gym equipment.

Today, Maria Sharapova’s net worth reportedly sits at $195 million. This can be interpreted in two ways. First, that’s a far cry from her career earnings which are a total of $325 million, which could mean that she has amassed substantial losses and liabilities over the recent years. On the other hand, it could be remarkable to see that she still has exponential wealth to her name in which she has equally distributed it through luxury items, investments, and even charity. As she is also a businesswoman by heart, it seems like that the latter holds true. Nevertheless, look to Sharapova to excel in other aspects of life as she moves on from the world of tennis. After all, this is only the start of the next mountain that she’ll be climbing.

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